December Worries by Maggie Millus

It’s the holidays and we’re smack dab in the middle of them. As a matter of fact, I can smell holiday peppermint eggnog breath everywhere which tells me the holidays are really here and I’ve drunk too much eggnog. But where’s the tree? I didn’t set up a tree. Why not? It’s Christmas time, but I just don’t feel like celebrating. Why? Because I hate December.

Grits by Maggie Millus

I love grits. But grits are confusing to a lot of people. Especially northerners. I once tried to order grits with breakfast at a Boston restaurant and the waitress had no idea what I was talking about. Or maybe she just didn’t understand my South Florida accent. But then I don’t speak Boston either.

Conversations With Myself by Maggie Millus

Insomnia. Got it again. It must be tracking me. Like a demented bloodhound. This means I’m going to sit here tonight. Out in the living room and for who knows how long. Maybe I should just sit here and talk to myself, as in….Hello brain. I’m here again….Yep. I think I’ll talk to myself. There’s nobody else here. No back talk. Just me. Sitting by myself. In the dark.

Not A Chance by Maggie Millus

Sometime I wonder about myself, how I can get myself into situations that are going to make me miserable. Like camping. Now I have nothing against camping but if there is a motel around and my car hasn’t broken down in the middle of a national forest, I’m going to go with the motel. One without bedbugs, please.

Cerebral Night Sweats by Maggie Millus

It’s the middle of the night- 2 AM precisely- and I can’t sleep. I’m sitting in the dining room, in the dark, and thinking. Thinking … Thinking hard… Cerebral night sweats is what I call it. What else can you do if you’re in the dark? And besides, there’s lots to think about. Assuming you are all alone. (If you’re not alone, there are other things to do, depending on who you are with and how much trouble you want to get into.)

Just Passing Through by Maggie Millus

This week I had an important reminder that I was not immortal. One of Murphy’s Laws hit me right upside my head: “If everything is going right, you must have overlooked something.” The reason for all this rumination: I had a health issue. Now it didn’t kill me, but for a while I thought I was going to die and I may have even wished I could. All because of kidney stones.

What The ???

I love going to Home Depot and Lowe’s. Almost more than Macy’s or Nordstrum’s… I can’t say Neiman Marcus because I don’t have the big bucks for that store. And besides, I can’t wear a size 0 or size 2. These days I’m more into home improvement. I look at interior design magazines and I get fantasies – fantasies what my house could really look like. Fantasies of how I could keep my husband, Howard, busy, one project after another…forever.