Remembering Christmases Past by Maggie Millus

Another Christmas gone by. I’m so relieved. Not that I’m a bah humbug person and not that I don’t have at least a few Christmas memories that I treasure, but there are a whole bunch of Christmases that I would just like to forget (and for some no good reason, I can’t.) I try to blame some of my unpleasant memories on the month of December.

Worryville by Maggie Millus

I worry a lot. Especially late at night when I have insomnia. I worry about money, my job , gaining weight… In other words, anything that comes along. Lately, I’ve begun to worry about airports. Homeland security scares the heck out of me.

Nightmare Pie

Halloween’s been long gone for almost a month. It was just another Halloween, a Halloween spent trick or treating with my sister-in-law’s kid. He dressed up as a pirate and me, I went as an aging adult.

Malaise by Maggie Millus

If there was a virus for causing procrastination, I’d say we’ve all been infected. But I like to look at both sides of an issue, or in this case, a condition. I’ve never thought of putting off things as bad as long as I was the one doing it. Now if it’s anyone else, that’s another story.