• Why do you write humor?

    I Vent, I Cope, I laugh and I want to make others laugh.

  • When did you first start writing humor?

    When my husband accused me of using his mustache scissors to trim the dog’s asshole.

  • What do you do when you are not writing?

    I teach science part-time at a local university and I go fishing.

  • Why haven't you written a humor book?

    I have but it has a long gestational period (longer than nine months)!

  • Why do you live in Florida?

    I’m not sure.  Maybe because I’ve adapted to heat, humidity. overcrowding and insanity.

  • How do you stay cool?

    I try to avoid the news media.

  • Doesn't the word ``Barmy`` also mean yeast froth?

    Yes.  On better days, I think of it in terms of beer.

  • Are you on social media?

  • How do I contact you?

    You can email but I don’t always answer promptly.

    (Oh one more thing, if you do write, be nice).

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