1.  Why do you write humor?


Because I like to make others laugh and I want to get even with my family.


2.  When did you first start writing humor?


When my husband accused me of using his mustache scissors to trim the dog’s asshole.


3.  What do you do when you are not writing?


I teach science part-time at a local university and I go fishing.


4.  Why haven’t you written a humor book?


I have but it has had a long gestational period (longer than nine months)!


4.  Why do you  live in Florida?


I’m not sure.  Maybe because I like to watch insanity.


5.  How do you stay cool?


I try not to read the newspaper.


6.  Doesn’t the word “Barmy” mean yeast froth?


Where’s the Monostat?


7.  How do I contact you?


Carrier pigeon.   Seriously though,  you can email but don’t count on a response.

I don’t always answer promptly.  Oh, one more thing, if you do write, be nice!








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