Interesting Night by Maggie Millus

Tonight was an interesting night. I fell asleep early. Out in the living room as usual. In my favorite chair. I was dreaming away, but I didn’t know I was dreaming. The dream was so real. I was in the kitchen, whose kitchen I don’t know. It was just a kitchen, some kitchen somewhere that led to a pantry. A long pantry. Howard was in another room sleeping. It’s what he does best at night. Sleeps the night away while I sit up trying to determine how many letters there are in insomnia.

Men! by Maggie Millus

Men! I’ll never understand them. They want to live in nice places, houses, whatever…but they never want to do the upkeep. The house may be falling down around them but they always have a reason for not fixing things, not taking care of the yard, not cleaning out the car… You name it! Sometimes they don’t have a reason. But reason or not…whatever needs care is just not going to get it. Unless…

Mindless Meditation by Maggie Millus

My mind?? I know it’s here somewhere…

I just read an article on mindfulness meditation. The idea is to spend time to oneself focusing only on the moment and one single thing, like breathing. The author described how she spent five days in this state by not talking to anyone, including her family. It was an inner revival, an opportunity “to gain clarity, wisdom, and freedom…” by paying attention to “moment experiences.”