Midnight Insecurities by Maggie Millus

It’s a little after midnight. I tried to sleep but I can’t. And neither can the dog. The house is dark and I hear her crashing into things. It wakes me up. I think she sleepwalks at all hours of the night. But I have a flashlight. So I don’t crash into things. And I don’t sleepwalk. Not that I know of.

Things I Wonder About by Maggie Millus

It’s night, long past midnight but nowhere near time to get up. I can’t sleep. The best I can do is enter that semi-conscious dream world where random thoughts run across my mind like scurrying insects. I want to get a fly swatter and chase them around my subconscious. If I become more awake, the mental garbage in my head will float to the surface of my subconscious and my mind will choke on the rubbish of my past and present.

December Worries by Maggie Millus

It’s the holidays and we’re smack dab in the middle of them. As a matter of fact, I can smell holiday peppermint eggnog breath everywhere which tells me the holidays are really here and I’ve drunk too much eggnog. But where’s the tree? I didn’t set up a tree. Why not? It’s Christmas time, but I just don’t feel like celebrating. Why? Because I hate December.